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Wine Styles

Quality & Choice

Whether you are looking for light-bodied table wines or want to spend a long time lovingly crafting and aging your wines, we have the products for you. You will find a wide range of wine styles to choose from, and we offer dessert, port, and other specialty wine kits as well. You’ll find everything you need to make top quality wines, all at a fraction of retail pricing.

You can also choose to make your wines in our state-of-the-art winery facility.

(See the In-Store Winery page for full information.)

Wine Styles

Enjoy perusing the list below, and remember that there are often exciting changes and additions to our product lines. Be sure to visit us regularly at Wine Kitz Miramichi – here or in person – for the latest!

VineCo_SignatureSeries_3D Box.png
VineCo_EstateSeries_3D Box.png
On the House_Box_w Style Sticker.png
VineCo_OriginalSeries_3D Box.png
Apres Box.png
Apres (6 weeks)
VineCo_Niagaramist_3D Box (1).png
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