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As with our wine services, you can make high-quality, economical beer. It’s easy, fun and we’re here to help with advice and guidance.  We carry a full of line of canned and specialty beer kits, adjuncts and beer making supplies.

Beer Kits:

  • Muntons, Craft Series, Brew Canada and In Beer kits available.


  • Dry Malts

  • Corn Sugar

  • Cooper Yeast

  • Brewer’s Syrup

  • Carb Tabs

  • Primer Packs

Beer Making Supplies:

  • Pails & Carboys

  • Syphon Rods & Hoses

  • Plastic Bottles

  • Beer Caps & Cappers

  • Bottle Washers

  • Too many other items to list!

See in-store for more information.



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