In my earlier years, (over 35 years ago) when I first entered the photographic industry, film was the medium I employed to capture my images using a variety of film cameras in both 35mm and 6x7mm format.

With the advent of digital Photography in the mid 1990s, I became very interested in the creative possibilities it afforded me. As a consequence and after a very short time, I started using only digital equipment and am still to this day very excited about the strengths and flexibility that this medium affords the photographic artist.

As I became more involve with the digital arena, of necessity, I developed my skills with Photoshop and the image processing venue. So much so that it eventually became the dominant aspect in my business.

Around 2006, I closed my photo studio, and started a whole new career in the graphic design, marketing and advertising venue, (MIRAMICHI ADS) providing advertising to local businesses on placemats that are used by serval local restaurants.

Around that point in time, I ceased from doing domestic photography and commercial photography. (weddings, graduates, child & pet portraits as well as passports & ID photos etc.). 

I did however continue to use photography as a support medium in my advertising and graphic design interests, providing services such as business portraits and the occasional commercial photo assignment. 

In addition to the placemat enterprise, I now also develop and provide mobile landing pages as an extension and support feature for the placemat advertisements.

I should mention that I continue to provide services related to and including photo restoration, alteration, coloration and compilation when requested.

On this website I have included sample images of some of the captured images created during the studio days, as well as a short video containing some of my photo restoration accomplishments. I have also installed a gallery page containing samples of what I call my creative images. These are images that I have captured or created for the fun of it and to share with anyone who might be interested.