Wilsons Point Historic Site has a great deal of significance to the history of Miramichi.
Many of our Scottish ancestors and the earliest English speaking settlers lived and were buried in this area.

William Davidson was one such person who came to Miramichi from Scotland in 1765 to engage in fishing, lumbering and shipbuilding. He is responsible for establishimg the first English speaking community on the Miramichi river.

A life size replica of the original Presbyterian church built in 1791, was erected on the site by the Miramichi Scottish Heritage association in 2004 and serves as the Wilson's Point Interpretive Center.

The ancient graveyard has been restored and is preserved with several walking trails winding through the site and along the river.

The Scottish Heritage Association has been working to preserve the history of this area, and have restored the original gravesites & walking trails, installed a wharf, and built an interpretive center.